Sonya Givens Character Analysis

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Sonya Givens is nurse to the First Lady, Mrs. Macaulay, who has been struck by a degenerative disease. Wade and Brant are undercover agents with Wildcats, Inc. When Brant drives Sonya to town, their car is nearly driven off the road. They take shelter in a hotel, and they have sex. After he takes them back to the house, Brant’s breed partner Wade and they become breedmates. They had thought Sonya was the breedmate of Wade’s cousin, her missing husband Chet Blackfur. He left her, and took their son with him. She’s been looking for Drew for a year, and has been to Wildcats to ask for their help. They didn’t believe she had a son, but they now discover that she has. Sonya’s car is blown up, and it appears she is in it, but she has been kidnapped.

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