Sookan Changes In 'Year Of Impossible Goodbyes'

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RBG ESSAY Sookan changes in many ways throughout the book Year of Impossible Goodbyes when faced with the following situations: when sookans grandfather dies, when sookan and Inchun are sent to Russian school and when sookan and Inchun get separated from their mother. I believe that when sookans grandfather dies it affects her in a big way because of this quote from the book. "I felt like a different person. I felt so many conflicting emotions struggling with in me."(chio 44). And I think this made sookan see the affects of death on people and it showed her the fragility of people. I think that having to go to Russian school also affected sookan. "With each passing day, it got more it got more difficult for inchun and me to say so little"(chio112).

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