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A Watery Grave -Sophie Millard “No! Please don’t!” My voice cracked and I broke down into hysteric sobs. A wave of cachinnating through the crowd of men, that stared at me with icy glares. I glanced down at the cold, dark waves crashed against the side of the ship. “There’s a storm comin’ an’ a ship ain’t no place for a girl.” The Captain said, pity dancing in his eyes. I hated him more for that. Even though he didn’t want to hurt me, he did it to protect his pride. “You should ‘ave stay home in England, Miss Orabelle. A ship ain’t no place for a woman. The ocean is cruel, miss, cold and cruel, and she ain’t gonna let us through without payment.” He yelled over the wind and nodded at one of the crewmen. He stepped forward and prodded me with the side of a paddle like one warding off a beast. I cried out, taking a…show more content…
This is the place for a woman. My soul was filled with seawater, Captain. I will show you just how cold the ocean can be. I smiled a sinister smile and sped off after the ship fading in the distance. Cutting through the water like a knife, I tested out my newfound skills. I found that I could manipulate the currents just by willing it and influenced them to my advantage, making them push me through the ocean. I could grow seaweed and other plants, bending them to my will. I was strong, strong and fast. Faster than I had ever been zooming across the ocean floor beating my tail. I also noticed that the strange absence of marine life in what should’ve been a bustling reef, bursting with life was now a ghost town of vivid coloured corals. Suddenly the reef dropped off and at the bottom was a city. A conch shaped central spiral pierced the water, emitting light with smaller sandstone buildings littered around it. The water around it seemed to glisten as if mixed with glitter. It captivated me, pulling me in. Moving throughout the building were other mermaids with tails of all different

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