Sophocles Antigone: A Fight For What You Believe In

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A Fight For What You Believe In “Tell me briefly- not in some lengthy speech were you aware there was a proclamation forbidding what you did?” Antigone’s words, actions and ideas differ with Creon’s character to the point of these two characters having clashing desires. The clashing desires cause the characteristics of controlling, worry, and bitterness that’s highlighted within Creon’s character. Overall, these conflicting motivations develop Creon as a tragic hero by his stubbornness and his pride is way too high and the conflict with Antigone and the battle between the “Laws of the gods” and the “Laws of man.” Antigone’s words, actions and ideas differ to Creon’s character because she does what is more right for the “Laws of man” in differentiation to Creon, he’s he believes in the “Laws of the gods.” Antigone is a hero. She is a hero to her brother. She defied the law to make sure her brother gets the proper burial that she believes that he deserves. “I admit I did it. I won’t deny that.” (line 500) In lines (181-182) Creon 's character is developed as a tragic hero. “Thanks to the gods, who’ve brought about our new good fortune.” As a tragic hero you were appointed by the gods and you’re noble. He is considered as a tragic hero because of course he was appointed by the gods, and…show more content…
In lines (448-455) Creon expresses his feelings on the situation. “She laughs at what she’s done. Well, in this case, if she gets her way and goes unpunished, then she’s the man here, not me. No. She may be my sister’s child, closer to me by blood than anyone belonging to my house who worships Zeus in my home, but she’ll not escape my harshest punishment.” He figured that she would starve to death but when he went back to check on her, she killed herself. She ended up hanging

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