Sophocles Antigone: Creon Is A Tragic Hero

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“Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way.” Antigone said this while talking to ismene about her plans to bury her brother. She is saying that Creon, the king of thebes, can not stop her from following her morals and burying her brother. Antigone is the daughter of oedipus who is also her brother. In the story antigone’s suffers the loss of both of her brothers, oedipus and polyneices. The king of thebes declared that oedipus was to have a soldier's burial but polynices was not to be buried and just left on the battlefield. Antigone decided that this decision made by creon was not fair and she was going to bury her brother herself, putting her life on the line in the process. Antigone has all the characteristics of a tragic hero. She is of royal birth, she has good intentions, and she…show more content…
Her father was oedipus the king of thebes who killed his father then married his mother. Then together they had antigone. “O Oedipus, father and brother! Your marriage strikes me from the grave to murder mine. I have been a stranger here in my own land all my life. The blasphemy of my birth has followed me.” This quote proves that antigone is the daughter of the king of thebes, oedipus. Antigone has a tragic downfall. In the story antigone has a tragic downfall by creon. Creon is very upset with antigone's actions so he sentenced her to die a slow death inside of a tomb. Instead she decides to hang her herself inside the tomb which caused her fiance to kill himself then that caused creon's wife to kill herself. Now creon is all by himself and he realized what he has done was not right. “I will suffer nothing as great as death without glory.” Antigone was a tragic hero because she has all the qualities of a tragic hero. She is of royal birth, she has good intentions, and she has a tragic downfall. She did what she thought was the right by burying her brother but it ended up costing antigone her life however she was content with her
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