Sophocles Antigone-The Tragedy Of Creon

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The Tragedy of Creon
“Yes. Zeus did not announce those laws to me. And justice living with the gods below sent no such laws from man.”(509-510) This quote is from Antigone and she is saying she hasn’t broken any law because the gods didn’t create this law. Creon disagrees with her and is the creator of the law. This create a huge conflict between characters and great tragedy is is created towards the end of this story.

Creon’s decree was that Polyneices couldn’t have a traditional burial because he betrayed his city. Antigone, the sister of Polyneices, disagrees with Creon and says “I did not think any thing which you proclaimed strong enough to let a mortal override the gods.”(510-512)
Creon is very upset and wants to punish her because
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Creon doesn’t believe him and tells him he has been bribed. Teiresias tells him he’s haven’t and says if he doesn’t great tragic will come to his family. Creon panics and goes to where Antigone is.

When he enters he finds his son and yells him to come out but Haemon is angry at him so he tries to kill Creon. When he fails he decides to stab himself and die right next to Antigone. Creon is very hurt at this moment and finds out later own when his wife hears the news she decided to kill herself. All these change of events brings great tragic to Creon and finds himself full of regret. When Antigone says that the gods haven’t agreed with Creon’s decree it lead to his downfall. He realizes after the death of his family that he was wrong. He realizes Antigone was correct and he was wrong to challenge the gods which led to his
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