Sophocles Theban Trilogy

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Theban Trilogy
Sophocles - Author the Theban Trilogy, And famous playwright.
Laius - King of Thebes and father of Oedipus.
Jocasta - Queen of Thebes mother and later the wife of Oedipus.
Antigone - The one faithful and loving child of Oedipus.
Ismene - The other daughter of Oedipus who visits both him and Antigone in Colonus.
Creon - An uncle of Oedipus Who will eventually rule Thebes after destroying the family of Oedipus.
The Prophecy was that Oedipus would kill his father and marry his mother.
When he unintentionally killed his father on the road. And married the Queen of Thebes without knowing it was his mother.
He was the only one who could answer the sphinx 's riddle.
He went to Colonus.
Antigone was forbidden
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And What?
Euthyphro - A young man who came to court to prosecute his own Father.
Critro - A friend of Socrates we visits him in prison.
Phaedo - Is the narrator you could say of the last days of Socrates in the third part.
It is the study of knowledge why did it have to be this way and who made it this way. In essence it is a search for answers.
He was at that time trying to convince people that their Gods were not perfect and were not the model piety.
When he says “Is what is pious loved by the gods because it is pious do the gods to pious action because they, too, see it as corresponding to higher standard of piety.”
Plato 's cave is the idea that everything we see is just a shadow of the real thing. And we should instead be freed from our chains and go into the light of understanding this.
He would say that knowledge is the art of remembering and understanding what you remember.
He believes that after you die you will be judged the good will go to paradise. The evil will be punished. And the normal people will be punished for their sins and then given another chance to be better.
Because he believes in the law and that no one should escape it not even
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