Sophomore English Rhetoric: Laughter As A Cure

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Laughing As a Cure Mariam Akiki Sophomore English Rhetoric – ENL 213 section Q Presented to: Dr. Rosine Zgheib Notre Dame University- Louaize Laughing As a Cure “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” (Cummings, 1940). Laughing is not an easy issue for everyone, however, the body doesn’t capture whether laughter is real or not. So even if laugh wasn’t real, it might have good effects. Laughter therapy is a cure adopted in almost every medicine, and it has guaranteed results. As cited in laughter therapy (2010), chuckling is a capable cure to stress. Nothing works speedier to bring your psyche and body go into parity than a decent giggle. Laughter is a capacity and a natural medicine born since our creation.…show more content…
One reason provided by Knapton (2013), is that laughing is bad for health. Laughing can cause heart rupture, torn gullets and intake of breath that leads to asthma attacks. Some of these researches note that laughing without a reason makes the person suffering from…show more content…
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