Sophomore Personal Statement

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I am writing to express my interest in applying for the Sophomore of the Year Award for the University of New England. Through my experience as a second year student at the University of New England, I have always been determined to be a leader to and a supporter of my peers. Some qualities that show that I am worthy of the Sophomore of the Year Award includes: Leadership: While a student at UNE, I have dedicated most of my free time to the development of programs on campus such as UNE’s Crew Team, UNE’s Housing Staff as well as The USG Sophomore Class Representative. As a member of UNE’s Crew Team, I have encouraged 6 students who are only involved with one other club to join crew and stay active. Without a good amount of rowers, only a few of our 7 new boats would be filled. I am also a Resident Advisor in Feathermen for 2nd floor low side. As an RA, I work to enforce the rules, mediate disagreements, and provide general support for students. I also have helped led my…show more content…
I have also acquired over 324 patient care hours as an employee of Providence Profession Ambulance and have also shadowed a number of MDs, PA’s and RNs in Rhode Island Hospital as an Intern. I have set my priorities to fall after my major in terms of time management and ability to maintain controls on my educational values. Social Involvement: I am involved in a number of clubs on the UNE Biddeford campus. Some include InterVarsity, Pre-Physician Assistant Club, Ski & Snowboard Club, UNE Gamers, Intramural Sports, Outing Club, Pre-SOMA and RSLA. My involvement consists of constantly building the atmosphere of the club as well as attending at least one meeting every two weeks. I am currently in the process of getting students and staff involved with the new Beekeepers Club. Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to attending the ceremony on April
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