Sophrectomy Case Summary

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with malignant stromal tumors. During his free time he likes to look at travel locations online and learn about different cultures. By interviewing the patient and extensively searching the patient’s medical record, the previous information was easily obtained which was helpful in providing good care to the patient.
Disease Process
The largest barrier to health maintenance that this patient has is that he has poor compliance with health maintenance. He showed that he was not interested in learning proper care techniques for his health, especially when it came to his incision site which could later lead to infection as it heals. Furthermore, the client stated that he “often stays in bed on his computer during the day.” This statement illustrates that the patient is at risk for not complying to ambulating throughout the day which is detrimental for a post-operative patient. “Regular periods of aerobic exercise, such as ambulating, help prevent respiratory infections that can occur in immobile patients” (Craven, Jensen, Hirnle, 2013, p.1002). This statement shows how the nurse would have to thoroughly explain to this patient the need for ambulation to ensure he understands and feels motivated to do so after his hospital stay.
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The test results of the tumor were not back determining if this tumor was cancerous or not but the doctor was suspecting that this tumor was caused by his prior stromal malignant tumors. Per Ignatavicius and Workman, “Bloodborne metastasis is the most common cause of cancer spread…Tumor cells circulate through the blood and enter tissues at remotes cites. Clumps of cancer cells become trapped in capillaries. These clumps damage the capillary wall and allow cancer cells to leave the capillary and enter the surrounding tissues. When conditions in

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