Life Is Free Analysis

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A man once said "man is free the moment he wishes it". Everyone is free. Everyone has a freedom that was given by God, even Adam and Eve is free. But being free has many obstacles. Evil will tempt you all the way until you fall in its darkness. According to the existentialists, specifically Soren Kierkegaard, we are responsible for giving meaning to our own life and living sincerely. It is basically what influences us does not contribute anything on the thing we want to be. For example, traditions, culture, religion, language and nationality will not define us on what we want to become when we grew up. It is still our decision on what we want to become. We have the highest freedom of our own, we get to decide our own decisions without any other influencing it. From the moment we feel anxious about things, it means we are exercising our own freedom. But according to The Hermeneutical Circle of Martin Heidegger, our surroundings are what defines on what we want to be. With this, it seems that our freedom is suppressed because it controls what we are going to be. But, it still our choice of who and what we want to become. For example, Henry Sy. Henry Sy had been just a shoe vendor during his teenage days, but now look at what he had become, he is now the owner of every…show more content…
Basically, morality is just a guide on what is wrong and what is right, but ethics are our action towards it. To do good and avoid evil. Ethics is what we must fulfill while living. It is like the two roads given to us which is more like to be morality. We have a freedom to choose between these two roads, but a voice will whisper, our conscience, and will tell and urges us which road to follow that is for the betterment of our welfare. Both ethics and morality must be objective, but somehow, some reasons were accepted because of the gravity of the situation. Like in a life and death situation. One must think critically to surpass and have these
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