Sorority Girl Research Paper

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The image that comes to mind when one thinks of the term “sorority girl” is a bleach blonde, spray tanned, empty headed teenager, but that is not what I saw. Margo Katsotis sat next to me, her dark brown hair neatly straightened and the Greek letters of a “K” and a triangle on her shirt. Her skin was tan, but that’s because she’s half Greek and half Italian. She is a sophomore at UTC and a new member in the sorority, Kappa Delta. Margo Katsotis was no stranger to Greek life. Being a sophomore, she already knew the reputations of each sorority on campus. Additionally, her mother had been an avid member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, one that isn’t available here at UTC. Getting accepted into UTC is what she deems her highest achievement. “UTC…show more content…
Margo feels that an unfair label is put on a girl once she decides to join the sisterhood of a sorority. “Some people put you up on a pedestal and some people think you are less than them,” she said, “Movies have portrayed sorority girls as silly and dumb girls and that’s why we still have that reputation.” Her parents and siblings have inspired her to be confident despite the harsh world that girls live in today. When she was little, she was free to play with both the boys in the backyard and the dolls in her bedroom. “I wasn’t a girly girl or a tomboy. I liked both,” she said. “I still like to do girly things and I still like to go to a football game.” Margo sits happily in the middle ground between being a girly girl and being a tomboy, finding time to indulge herself in girly pleasures between football games. Unlike many Americans, Margo is close to her roots. Most of the Greek side of her family still lives in the Mediterranean area; she even gets to visit sometimes. “We are very close with the Greek side of my family,” she said. Her most recent visit was last summer, where she got to stay on the crystal clear beaches of Andros for a whole month. Since she was staying for so long, Margo even learned some conversational Greek so she could speak with the villagers. She’s currently holding onto the hope that her brother will get married there so she can visit another
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