Sorrow From The Future Analysis

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Sorrow from the Past
Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives, it’s a tragic story of real life in which, Mark Everett (“E”), a song writer and performer of the indie rock band Eels, go on a mysterious journey to learn about his father Hugh Everett, the creator of the Many Worlds theory. The film tell us about Mark relationship with his father and his father’s theory. Hugh Everett was an unrecognized genius who make great contributions to science with his controversial theory of Quantum Mechanics a theory that predict the existence of a parallel universe. At that time his theory was ignored which brought him disappointment to his life. However his theory become a popular topic among important physicists, films, television, music, and books. Throughout the film we learn that Everett’s family was filled with sorrow by the deaths of their love ones, first his father death, then her sister, and lastly her mother, leaving Mark alone at a younger age of 19.
Mark starts the film in the cemetery talking about his father’s death. His father died at an early age of 51. When Mark was only 19 years old. It was a very traumatic scene that marked his life. Mark remember finding his father’s lifeless body in bed a morning. This make him realized that he had no memory of having any physical contact with his farther before. His whole family died
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She left a suicide note saying that she was going to meet her father in a parallel universe. Elizabeth’s life also suffered the consequences of a poor relationship between father and daughter. It’s evident that the lack of a normal father push her towards depression. Leading her to take away her own life. Mark’s mother have to survive to this tragic events. But soon after she also died, surely as a result from so much suffering. It must have been very hard for Mark to lose all three member of his family in a very short period of
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