Marius Vs Cosette Character Analysis

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A childhood fantasy of many children of the world is to find their supposed soul mate. The person who will love them through thick and thin, the one who will be there at their side when they need it most. Often times in literature we see examples of soul mates, one such example is the bond between Marius and Epinine, not Cosette. Despite Cossette being portrayed as Marius’s perfect match, Epinine cared about Marius, knew Marius better than Cossette ever did, and had better life skills than Cossette.
As any man or woman will know, a perfect match for someone is not based on beauty, but rather it is based on how much they care for you. Epinine was portrayed as someone who cared for Marius as he was, even going as far as to quite literally take
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While Marius was given Epinine as a sort of gift from the Thenardies, that is still better than meeting someone in a garden and falling in love with them. All without knowing their name. In the movie Epinine is portrayed as a close friend of Marius instead of simply being a new face they meet. Along with this she actually knew Marius’ name. Perhaps the biggest thing to look for in your significant other is that they can take care of themselves.
Another key factor in your love is that you must think of what will happen when you're gone. Will they wither into nothing but sadness and depression or will they continue to keep living without you? Epinine was raised by the Thenardies family her whole life, not taken and raised by a rich businessman at the age of 6. Because of this, Epinine will know what to do when things get hard. She will know how to survive, whereas Cossette will not have the slightest clue. She was raised by Val Jean, who was able to give her anything she may have needed or desired, while Epinine was forced to go and get it for
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When children look for beauty and “their soul mate” rather than someone who is willing to do anything for them out of love, someone who knows them for them, and someone who can take care of them and their selves, you’re hurting them. Epinine is the true match for Marius as she possesses all of these traits, she laid down her life for his, she knew him as more than just a mysterious face that she saw, and she knew how to take care of herself. All of this shows how Epinine, the child of the street, was more suitable for Marius than
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