Soul Plane Essay

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Soul Plane (2004), follows the airline flight of Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart), who has an unexceptional experience on an typical airline. His small dog is classified as baggage, the airline food is awful, his buttocks gets stuck in the toilet, and his dog is sucked into the engine. He sues the airline and receives a multimillion dollar settlement, and decides to begin his own airline. On the day of the first flight of N.W.A. (Nashawn Wade Airlines), the Hunkee`s are on their way to vacation in Cracker Land and soon finds that the flight to their destination was cancelled, and have to fly on N.W.A., upon finding their terminal: Malcolm X, they find it is mainly occupied by African American travelers along with their flight which is solely occupied by African American travelers. As the flight continues, Nashwan finds himself running into numerous problems, as his ex-girlfriend is on the flight still upset about their break up, the inexperienced pilot (Snoop Dogg) supposedly dies from eating mushrooms that are used to treat STIs, and his cousin Muggsy begins a miniature strip club. Meanwhile, the Hunkee`s the only caucasian passengers must adapt to their new environment and culture. The movie ends with Nashawn safely…show more content…
Furthermore, director Jessy Terrero takes the audience on different aspects of black culture, mainly through a heavily stereotypical viewpoint. The most commonly used shots are overhead and medium close ups, in order to exaggerate characters and scenes, and he commonly uses hip hop music in order to describe settings and characters. Though this film is mainly stereotypical for comedic purposes, this paper discusses how the director utilizes film techniques in order to illustrate and represent the nature of African American men and women and Black
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