Soulpancake: A Study That Changed My Life

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In response to the experiment performed by the YouTube™ channel: “ SoulPancake” about a study that showed that people who expressed gratitude or thanks will experience more happiness, themselves, afterward. We as a class were encouraged to write a “ Thank You”, to a person who influenced or impacted our lives and read to them.At first, I was a bit skeptical of the theory, thinking it was just a “mind over body” or a “placebo effect” styled experience. However, after some time of deep thought, I came to the conclusion, that no matter, how I thought about the experiment and its actual impact on our lives, it would be a great excuse for me to express my gratefulness to her. So, I did just that. I wrote a letter to my paternal grandmother. She has been a very large and important impact on my life. After talking to her on phone for a half-hour, I told her that I had something to read to her. She was so surprised to hear that I had something for her. She has always been a person who enjoys and has a sense of “pure appreciativeness ”when someone has given her a gift, no matter, her true opinions behind the gift. As I read the letter to her, I could hear her emotions change from being eager to a tearful happiness. After I finished the last sentence…show more content…
I reconsidered the power of a simple thanks to an elderly relative. Now, I can say that I truly believe that this event was very impactive on my daily life. On that day, I felt that my stress level and negative emotions reduced significantly, and my overall feeling of happiness grew somewhat. I learn that by merely taking a few seconds to vocalize a feeling of gratitude towards another human being, that it really improves your demeanor and attitude, over the course of a day.There is true power in the words, we used daily. I would encourage others to “test out” this social experiment and to see if they perceive any
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