Sound And Fury Reflection

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I 'm really disappointed with how the movie, Sound and Fury Part 2, turned out. I actually have never seen the movie before and I just found out next week. I was really looking forward to it, but it was totally different from what I expected. It went from both deaf and hearing worlds to about 90% hearing world oppressing deaf world in the second part. It bothers me a lot that there were barely any sign language, any mentions of deaf culture, or even anything relating to ASL and deafness, just "deaf" family members and interpreters. I really thought that Heather would continue to be involved in both worlds, but it seems that she wants to avoid the deaf world by focusing only on the hearing world; making hearing friends and satisfying the hearing society 's norms. Heather only signed probably 2-3 sentences in the movie and that 's not normal for a deaf person at all, so it 's obvious that she 's trying to suppress that deaf identity and show people that she 's hearing.

I 'm not really sure why Nita was lonely with the huge deaf community in Maryland and it was at her disposal too. Nita could have just asked for a babysitter or make new friends, that should have really easy seeing how it says in the first movie that everyone knew sign language. I understand, though, that Peter was gone a lot and he wasn 't there to satisfy Nita 's more intimate side. And it really does suck that Nita got too sick to care for the children that the family had to move in with Peter 's
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