Sound And Music Industry Analysis

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The Sound and Music Industry

There are 4 main aspects of the music industry : Live performances,Record Labels,Artist Management and Music Publishing. I will be studying each one in detail and comment critically on each area. The first one I will report on is Live Performance. There are many important roles in the music industry.
Many types of musicians, including backing musicians, function bands, residency bands (e.g. hotels, cruise ships) and tribute bands, perform wholly or mainly original material. As this is the case Backing musicians Have to technically adapt to songs and different styles. Generally the hired for solely touring purpose, some musicians like to have their own backing vocalists as they already know the material this is
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This can be a very stressful job so they have to be able to work under pressure and to be a quick thinker when things go wrong. On top or the tour manager acts like a surrogate parent as he or she has to be able to deal with diva behaviour on tour. They have to have strong skills when it comes to negotiating regarding money as they want the best but cheapest, due to having to deal with money they also need to have excellent literacy and numeracy skills. One of the hardest skills about the job is that they have to be willing to travel long period of time to be with the band and be away from home and family…show more content…
They have a copy of the script this includes when artists are stood on stage, props, lighting or sound that is needed for each scene, this is so they can queue for lighting and sound engineer. During the load in and load out they supervise the back line gear which includes the amps and monitors. They also make sure that the health and safety record records are all up-to-date and all the stage is set up correctly.
A band manager tends to focus on few you but important duties, these duties include giving the band advice on songs they have created and any other creative Points. At the beginning of a bands career The band manager should attendant every single concert to show support to the rest of the band. The job can be very stressful but as the band get larger they can start to hire more people for individual rolls such as tour manager, promotion and producer. There are no qualifications or formal qualification for the job but it is good to have a good business mind and be aware of the music

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