Sound Editing In Jaws

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The Principal Photography for Jaws began on May 2, 1974. Universal Pictures distributed the film Jaws,it made $470 million on a $3.5 million dollar budget. This film is still the seventh-highest grossing film of all-time. Steven Spielberg directed Jaws while Verna Fields did the editing. Jaws won 3 Academy Awards for editing, best original dramatic score, and another for best sound. Jaws had many production issues when it came to building of the shark being used on the set in Martha Vineyard. Jaws was edited around the shark actually and you don't see the shark until halfway through the film. So, by not overuse the shark actually makes the film feel more realistic and a lot scarier. I know we aren't suppose to talk about sound or sound editing but when you're analyzing a movie like Jaws you have too. Sound editing makes the tension of this movie so much scarier and adds a thriller aspect. In Jaws Steven Spielberg was talking about how the barrels…show more content…
Together with the music and the editing creating tension. it keeps rising and every time the shark attacks his own music that brings the film from a 5 to a 10. Without sound editing this movie would not have the Hitchcock horror feel without Verna Fields doing a great job blending everything together. The editor made sure through her editing style would make the shark look as authentic as possible. The best scenes in the movie take place on the boat. These are the scenes that makes Jaws great, three main characters trying their best to stay alive and to kill the shark before it kills any more people. This film was selected by the national film registry as culturally significant motion picture. The editing used during last quarter of this film is amazing the shark disappears and reappears like in game of cat and
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