Sound Mind Sound Body Rhetorical Analysis

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Running is generalized by the world as just a way to stay in shape, but Asics shows that this one way of exercising has more to offer than the perks of its weight loss. They promote running as a way to run away from negativity, and break through to become a positive and more radiant version of you. The advertisement created by Asics was not made just to promote their products, but promoting a healthy mind and a healthy body. It is portrayed using logos, which appeals to the consumer using words such as the bold slogan on the page, “sound mind sound body”. This Latin phrase is translated to healthy mind and healthy body, and that is what the women in the picture is trying to chase after. The words that are dragging her behind are negative adjectives that display insecurities; a feeling that lots of people (especially women) tend to feel. The words “rage”, “sadness”, and “insecure” are short and brief, but make a powerful statement. There are multiple of them that are behind the women, showing that it is a large part of her adverse emotions. These words are placed on the darker side of the advertisement, which…show more content…
By wearing this Asics workout clothing, she proves that other women can also be strong in the same clothes she is running in. The outfit she is wearing is all black, which radiates the essence of power, elegance, and formality. Black can have different connotations, like how it is shown in the black to white ombre background. This is not only the color of the background, but how the light is shining on the more positive side of a better life. The light is shining on the pure side of the advertisement, but slowly fades away to a dark and lonely side. The fading of negative to positive is constant throughout the picture, which consistently has the consumers mind churning about their personal life, and how they can have the reality of a sound mind and a sound

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