Sound Of Fury Video Analysis

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The video Sound of Fury as well as the book both cover a wide range of what deafness is. The video showcases different individuals who have been apart of the Deaf community taking differing paths. The book covers the overall picture and important terminology surrounding deafness. The book both cover the difficulties and controversies surrounding cochlear implants, the importance of Deaf culture to Deaf individuals, and overall academic achievement. The book and the video look at these topics through sharing of personal experience and research. One of the main topics the video focused on were cochlear implants. Cochlear implants the book states is an implant that stimulates the auditory nerves directly. Both the families in the video were contemplating cochlear implants for their children. Surrounding these decisions were arguments on loss of Deaf culture, the difficulties surrounding the procedure, and rigorous training involved with receiving the implant. Both the book and the video cover these. The parents of a daughter; Heather thought her receiving the implant would be killing her Deaf culture. The book also covers the controversy…show more content…
One of the characters mentioned her reasoning for having her child receive the implant was for academic reasons. She explained how many Deaf Americans often graduate high school with a fourth grade reading ability. The book states these same statistics claiming the average Deaf student who graduates high school at 18 or 19 reads at a fourth-grade reading level. While the woman in the movie indicated her thoughts were the reason for this was due to the deafness, the book does not make that same argument. The book maintains the idea that deafness “imposes no limitations on cognitive capabilities.” Meaning that being Deaf doesn’t mean you’ll have cognitive deficiencies. Overall the book and the video have corresponding ideas regarding
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