Sound Of Silence Analysis

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Sound of silence meaning One of the biggest hang ups we have today is inability of people to touch other people, unable to love other people. This is a song about the inability to communicate - Paul Simon Sound of silence is about a struggle to share and exchange MEANINGFUL ideas. The people “talking without speaking” and “hearing without listening” are too afraid to share their deep and personal ideas or consider the ideas of others. Sound of silence interpretation Interpretation 1 I find that this song isn’t only just about the ignorance and willingness of people to follow a set regime, but also about consumerism, with the “neon gods” being brightly lit adverts seen everywhere. When they mention how the “words of the prophets are written on the subway walls” could also again reference the adverts placed there, focusing on how as humans we see so many products on a daily basis that we feel compelled to buy, making these companies so rich that they might as well be gods, showing how they are above us all. The Sound of Silence being the reluctance to speak up against a company so their product remains on shelves. We treat these large corporations as if they were gods, as if they own us, hence why the people “bowed and prayed” to these gods. “People talking but not speaking” references the fact that people are happy to live life as it is, without speaking the true issues that matter, and “People hearing without listening” could be seen as people who unintentionally

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