Sound Of Silence Essay

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“ The Sounds of Silence” by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel presents a deep understanding and meaning of the topic that people lack the ability to communicate. Peoples thoughts are ordered by the media and forget about the true meaning of their own voices.
Simon and Garfunkel represent this through the use of figurative language and poetic techniques which served really well to their song. Darkness is sometimes described as a depressive state to those who can't confide in no one and are all alone. In the first two lines, “Hello darkness my old friend/ I’ve come to talk with you again.”(1-2) describes mainly the key theme of this song, the lack of ability to communicate with other people. In this case, the singer only friend is the darkness who
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In the second stanza, Simon describes the street that he is walking on is cobblestone which can mean it is a path that is taken much less. This shows how he is still alone but then he is interrupted by the flash of this neon light. This neon light could mean a number of various things. Possibly technology,the media or even people idolizing celebrities, wealth and materialistic things. So I believe that brief flash of a neon light symbolizes something bad which was giving Simon a warning of how the future is going to be. Simon feels like he is the only one who is seeing this and is not satisfied with this more modernized culture in a…show more content…
Silence is referred to submission and Simon shows how these people are foolish for following this God not even knowing what their intentions are. This explains the “People talking without listening/People hearing without listening.” This can also go more further into the idea of being isolated. People creating things/thoughts but are not sharing it with others, probably because they are scared to share it and feel alone by society and their friends. It's almost like enjoying a song because it's popular and everybody is singing it but don't understand the meaning of the song. Just want to be apart of
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