Sound Of Thunder Figurative Language

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In the short story, “A sound of Thunder”, Ray Bradbury used figurative language to make a bigger impact on the story. When Eckels goes into the office he sees and hears, “... A sound like a gigantic bonfire burning all of Time, all the years and all the parchment calendars- all the hours piled high and set aflame.” The author, Ray Bradbury, wanted his audience to have a specific image set in the audience’s head. By using a simile he help the reader imagine how Eckle’s is going to get to the past. Once they are in the past and see the Tyrannosaurus Ray Bradbury uses imagery to explain what the dinosaur looks like. The Tyrannosaurus was described as, “...thirty feet above half the trees, a great evil of god, folding its delicate watchmaker’s
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