Sound Of Thunder Vs Nethergrave Essay

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Friday, December 4
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Sound of Thunder v.s. Nethergrave
Bradbury’s The Sound of Thunder and Skurzynski’s Nethergrave are both great science fiction stories. Both of these stories are about technology changing the life of an individual. In The Sound of Thunder, the main character, Eckels, faces consequences when he gets scared and does not follow the path. He makes a disturbance in time altering the future, when using a the technological device to go back in time. In the Nethergrave, a boy named Jeremy chooses a virtual world over the real world where he feels awkward and abandoned. Both stories have their differences and similarities, yet they both revolve around the effect of technology on the real world.
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I found the idea of the slightest change in the past might drastically change the future, very interesting. In the story, Eckels uses a company’s time machine to go back to a time when dinosaurs roamed. While there, he made a small mistake that caused big consequences. Eckels’ death in the end made me feel bad because it was a mistake caused by fear. The mistake seemed like just a small indent at the time, but proved to have a life changing effect on the outcome of Eckels’ present day life. Although Skurzynski’s story was interesting, I did not find it as intriguing or relatable. The Nethergrave was about a boy, Jeremy, making a decision to remain in the world he felt awkward and uncomfortable in or to leave and become apart of a new world in which he was never to be abandoned in. The idea of a boy feeling abandoned and awkward in the real world and escaping into what seems as a new and better world is a very strange idea. Most people have sometimes felt awkward and embarrassed in this world, however it is not morally correct to leave when times get tough. Throughout the story, I also never felt as though I specifically related to Jeremy’s character. Jeremey seemed mentally weak to
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