Sound Recording History

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Audio digitization, the most brilliant invention of sound recording Acknowledgement Sincerely appreciate teacher Mei and Eunice provided this opportunity to have access to write this report with undergraduate standard format and academic online research. Abstract Sound recording is able to memorize our aural data on some objectives. It plays an important role in almost all the fields. The history of sound recording is a long process. From the initial invention to final advanced technology, it experienced over 100 years. The ancestor was acoustic recording, based on merely physical groove carving. Then came an improvement, electrical recording. It encompassed the combination with electricity and enhanced recording quality thoroughly. Magnetic recording appeared soon after electrical recording. Popularization and low cost was its outstanding features. Current situation is that the digital recording has entirely dominated the recording field. The product of digital recording is digital audio. Its properties like fidelity, size, flexibility, popularity, and ability of communication are prominent. So that the digital revolution in this field around late 20s was the most influential one compared with other recording progressions. Table of content 1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose The aim of the report is to find out…show more content…
Their features and properties are used to showcase the development and compare with each other. The report also describes the significance of each crucial progression. Digital audio, which plays the most important role in sound recording field currently, with its advantages and expectations, is thoroughly wrote in the report. The main content of the report proves the invention of digital sound recording has hugely influenced our daily life and particularly enhanced our living condition by strengthening the communication ability of audio
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