Soundtrack Of My Life Analysis

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Jennifer Brackett
Master PhiLL
English I
6 OCT 17
Soundtrack of my Life Music is a factor in my life that has played a huge role. I find myself constantly listening, singing, or dancing to new songs I find. I have realized that the music I find myself extremely attracted to, is the music that does a good job defining my personality, my experiences, or my thoughts that I cannot find the words to say out loud. Often, it seems as if the music finds me compared to me finding it. Although music allows me to express so many parts of my life, the main factor it seems to define is my past experiences. Obviously, specific songs seem to be more effective with helping me cope with the past or get a better understanding of my feelings towards an event. The first time I heard the song Daughters by John
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After being classified as worthless, I began to fear how these emotions could affect my future life, such as when I am a parent. I have always been scared of being a terrible parent, such as my father was. When I heard the song Daughters, I felt as if the song was talking to me. The lyrics, “Since the day she saw him walking away she's [been] left cleaning up the mess he made”, made my heart sink. My dad had left my family with broken hearts, and a massive void that only a father could fill. I felt as if he really did leave an emotional mess in my life which I had to slowly figure out how to clean up. This song reflects my feelings about my father, while also helping me figure out how to cope with the situation. It also opened my eyes to the thought that maybe the reason I have problems committing to things, and trusting people is not all my fault. As the song reads, “I've done all I can to stand on her steps with my heart in my hands. Now I'm starting to see maybe it's got nothing to do with me”, it allowed me to understand the

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