Essay On Different Types Of Soup Containers

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Chapter 2 METHODOLOGY Research Design This study utilized the experimental form of research. Since the following study involves the use of different types of soup containers. These containers are already part of those people who prepare there soups for later consumption. The different types of soup containers were used in this study because they have different purposes and were being used by different people like students, parents, and office workers who would want to eat their soup hot and delicious. Given that, they would incorporate different results or their effectiveness in keeping soups hot and took them into high regard and consideration to determine the best type of container to be used by different individuals since they are primarily…show more content…
Through this experiment, getting the best container to be used is determined. Using a thermometer, this was very conventional. It made getting of results easier rather than feeling the heat with hands. The temperature was written on a paper and the average temperature was known. Four different types of soup containers. The containers used in the study were made really well, especially the homemade soup container. They were used efficiently. The soup was poured to each container and it was able to circulate the heat that it had. The temperature of the soup in the different containers was measured and it gave promising results. Soup. The soup that was used was easy to do. This soup was heated enough and the temperature was measured before, during, and after it was put in the different containers. The soup was a big part in the study. It was the basis of the study whether a container was successful enough in keeping a particular soup hot. Timer. The timer was able to do its part in the experiment. This made it possible for the experiment to be successful. The timer made the experiment easier because it measured on how much time can a soup container keeps a soup hot for a long time. Below is a flowchart in data
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