Soups In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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n the book night the author talks about two diffrent types of soups. One of the soups is good and one of the soups is bad. But really both soups are the same. The author has a soup that has indifference in it. Elie Wiesel says I remeber that i found the soup excellent that evening. The reason why he said this is because every one was really hungry and really nobody cared about the hanging. On page 59 it says (two prisoner 's helped him in his task-for two plates of soup. Also on page 59 it say 's do you think this ceremony 'll be over soon? I 'm hungry whispered Julek.) Elie Wiesel says that night the soup tasted of corpses.The reson why he says that is because every one was discused by the little boys hanging. On page 61 it says ( total

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