Change Of Leadership Vs Change Leadership

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Our sources of power are not the same as our uses of power. Regardless of from where our power derives, we have a choice about how to apply it” -(Mayer, 2012 Pg. 82) Mayer, in chapter three, discusses the many sources of power and how power can be used. He states that one has the ability to choose how they will use their power. Power used and how we obtain that power are different. Mayer describes three ideas how one can use influence to act as their source of power. The Normative, Utilitarian, and the Coercive approaches are all ways to assert power through influence. Mayer states that one can appeal to other’s values and beliefs, convincing them what we do will be thing right thing or by offering tangible benefits. Last is to utilize power…show more content…
Change Management is a controlled process where management lays out a plan and supervises the implementation of said plan through direct supervision and control. Change Leadership, however, is less clearly defined and the process can be more difficult to understand. I do not believe that there is a huge difference between change leadership and change management. While both may have the same requirements, the paramount difference is that one view is larger than the other. As Kotter states, Change Leadership uses a “bigger lens” and larger changes, while Change Management uses a smaller and more controlled group to change the process, which leads to smaller changes. Getting others to change by Management and Leadership styles is a source of power. Influencing, directing and using one’s status to change begins and ends with sources of…show more content…
Change Management has more control over all parties or groups and focuses on the here and now, while Change Leadership focuses on larger changes, according to Kotter. By applying Mayer’s idea of formal authority to Kotter’s position of change, and who oversees the change, one can see the correspondence to both. In a position of power, aka “formal authority,” one can choose the outcome and influence others, the structure of the organization and possible conflicts to the decision. The way change occurs is a very broad concept, I do agree with Kotter and his idea that management and leadership change is very different, and it is a source of power. When applying change while in a position of authority and possessing the power by structure, influence and authority where one ultimately choses the direction and possible conflict that can or cannot
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