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From Janet's story, it tells that there are some sources of stress in her life. First, the academic pressure is one of the stress in Janet's life. The failed courses make her so stressful. As she mentioned, she did not understand anything taught in those foundation courses, it makes her feel overwhelmed and hopeless to pass in the new semester. Her fears and uncertainty about her studies cause her to feel stressed, especially when she feel like have no control over those studies and the poor results make her being worried about she can't even pass in the new semester. Moreover, her perception of failing courses is so negative that she feels hopeless to pass and she even struggles to drop out of the university. It shows that she is losing…show more content…
As Janet's parents is one of the stress so it is more suitable to seek help from her friends, classmates,social worker, or whom she trust, etc. She can shares her concerns and difficulties with them as it can relieve stress. They can share different opinions, advices and experiences with her. The study from American Psychological Association showed that many Americans benefit from emotional support. Therefore, the advantage of seek out peer support are helping reduce stress by listening and understanding her situation and problems. They may share the same or similar challenges as they are the same aged. Their advices and opinions can bring her more support and reduce stress. Talk to someone whom she relies on can be a good way to express her feelings and gain support. If Janet lacks a strong support network , she can still seek help from the professionals, such as psychologist and social workers. In short term, Janet can keeps a good laugh. The article from Mayo Clinic supported that laugh can relief stress. Here are some evidences. When she is laughing, it can simulate many organs. During laughing, it will enhance the intake of oxygen and increase the release of endorphins from her brain which can make her feel happier. Also, laugh can increase her heartbeat and blood pressure which can cool down the stress response. Moreover, laugh can reduce some physical symptoms of stress as it can also simulate circulation and aid muscle

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