Assignment 1: Sources Of Stress In The Workplace

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Sydney Lipop PSY150 Assignment #1 Sources of Stress Everyone deals with stress in one way or another, and everyone has their own way of of coping with it. Stress is triggered in many different ways for example some triggers for people could be an overload of work at their job, fitting in and doing well at school, worrying about paying bills and making sure there is enough money in their account to pay them, keeping good relationships with their family. These are only a few examples of triggers for stress, although stress doesn't always come from work and school. Stress can come from within, someone could get stressed over looks, or things they are uncertain about. Sometimes stress is hard to handle, but most people manage to cope with it.…show more content…
Some examples of internal stressors could be; suffering from a mental illness, the inability to lose weight and also getting sick. Some examples of external stressors could be a child moving away to college or university, experiencing financial troubles, having problems with family and friends, and going through a divorce. Studies show that some of the most stressful situations in life happen at the workplace work. The The workplace could be so stressful because they do not enjoy the work they are doing, they could dislike their boss, or they have too much work on their plate. The second most popular stressor would be life stress. Life stress could be caused by many different reasons such as; the death of a close relative or a dear friend, dealing with upset or temperamental children, or even the loss of a job. These types of stress are impossible to avoid because they happen to everyone. They are not always easy to cope with, which could possibly cause health problems if not dealt with
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