South Asia 2300 To 1914 Essay

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How did South Asia begin? We found proof of South Asia in 2300 to 1750 before common era, which was a long time ago. They started out similar to everyone country in the beginning. They learned to cultivate the land and grow crops to survive. Now South Asia is a large area and includes many countries, such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. Some of the countries have grown and developed extremely well. Specifically, South Asia started trading with the British, Portuguese, and the Dutch, but the British were the most important. The British eventually controlled most of India’s trading. British obtained the trading post, with the persuasion of their army. Produce and crops such as cotton were a majority of the trade that British controlled. Although the British controlled trade, what got imported and exported, India still got to choose the ruler of their own lands. As long as it did not interfere with the British’s plans. India’s citizens created their own groups called the Indian National Congress Party…show more content…
India and Pakistan, for example, are usually at each other’s throats. The major problem started when the United States helped Pakistan build a highway to China. India felt they were falling behind and sought out the Soviet Union for protection. In result, a war broke out and the United States had to step in and tried to neutralize the situation. ? Another issue is the ever growing population. Countries in South Asia have started suggesting birth control because the population is growing too big for its country. The problem with birth control is that most husbands will not allow their wives to use birth control until she gives birth to a male heir. Consequently, female babies are being mistreated and possibly killed in South Asia today. In 1994, the government made it illegal for a person to find out the sex of their baby due to people terminating the pregnancy
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