South Asia Religions Dbq Essay

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Religions with common geographic origins have been known to share codes of behavior, views of nature, and reasons for existence. Three great geographic center of religious origins included Southwestern Asia, where Islam, Judaism, and Christianity originated. Also, East Asia, where Confucianism and Taoism originated, and South Asia, which included Hinduism and Buddhism. Religions associated with South West Asia center on a single supreme authority and seem to be less flexible when it comes to interpretation of religion. Religions associated with South Asia and East Asia appear to be more philosophical and focus on relationships with nature and are more flexible when it comes to interpretation. Religions in East Asia were quite different than religions in other parts of Asia, in the sense that…show more content…
Religions in this area include Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Islam’s belief system was centered around pleasing their god, Allah, by their behaviors (Doc. 2). At the end of life there was a final judgment day, where Allah assesses the person 's behavior throughout their life “no secret of yours shall remain hidden”, and hopefully will be granted a “life of pleasure”. (Doc. 8). The entire reason of existence was to please their god, and receive salvation so that they may live in paradise when they die. Both Christianity and Judaism believe that God has created man in his image and that He has made man to take care of creation (Doc. 5). Christianity also upholds the belief that God was in the beginning and he was the creator of all things. Christians also believe in messengers, or disciples, who were sent to spread the word of God and to “bear witness to the light” (Doc 6.). However, the messenger and God himself was not always accepted. Similar to Islamic faith, the reason for existence for Christians is to please their God, and receive salvation through Jesus Christ so they may live eternally in
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