South Baton Rouge: A Short Story

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Grow in South Baton Rouge wasn’t easy for Justice at all. While living in South Baton Rouge he attended McKinley Senior High School, which was a nightmare for him. He was bullied and it made him feel like he was nothing. He had already lost his dad to a car accident, and that was something he couldn’t get it out his head. With all this going on he knew he couldn’t let his mom and sister down. So, he started working at a nearby corner store and he started pursuing his dream in playing by trying out for the team and making it.

Justice hated going to school but he never told his parents why. The kids at school would make fun of him by calling him names and laughing at what he wore. In his mind things would never get better. He always wanted to tell his dad about it, but he never knew how to put it in words his dad would understand. He would never tell his mom because he knew she would act out. Just a few days, justice wished he would have told his dad every single thing, because they had gotten a call saying his father has had a fatal accident.
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His words were “I’m sorry, but he didn’t make it. Justice, his mom, and his sister burst into tears they couldn’t believe it. Justice knew he had to stay strong for his mom and sister. A few days went by and they were still sad and making funeral arrangements. All that kept running through Justice mind was saying his last goodbye to his dad, and now he was going to have to be the man of the
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