South Cache Uniforms

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South Cache and Uniforms So. Uniforms. Who cares, right? The answer is we all should. It is today 's students and our future generations going through this dilemma. But uniforms are not good for students. South Cache should not wear uniforms because they stifle personality, may harm the transition to adulthood, and may be uncomfortable. Students are unable to show personality and personal style because of said uniforms. Although they are better known for being in private school, uniforms have made their way into public schools. In the passage, Public School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons for Your Child by Grace Chen, it states "ACLU 's argument for the First Amendment, argue that uniforms stifle a student 's need for self expression. Students need to be encouraged to embrace their individualism, and uniforms deny that self-expression... Without the outlet of expression in their clothes, students may turn to inappropriate hair styles, jewelry, or make-up." Uniforms go against our basic freedoms. Furthermore, when teenagers can 't wear the clothes they want, they can rebel in other ways. Whether that is through language, actions, jewelry, etc. Then, once students get past their rebellious phase, uniforms will make it hard to transition into the real world. Eventually these students will graduate and move on. Then what? They…show more content…
In addition to these arguments, uniforms may be uncomfortable for the students. Uncomfortable situations are just so, well, uncomfortable. It is cruel to force someone into being uncomfortable day after day. Another quote from Chen 's writing, "...uniforms may not be comfortable for all students. As it is important to ensure that the student is comfortable in order to maximize learning outcomes, uniforms may stymie academic focus." For some of these teens, not being diverse causes them to feel like they do not stand out. For others, they may feel overweight and unattractive in these outfits, as uniforms are typically designed for one
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