South Carolina Heart Center Case Study

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Each department are responsible for making sure documents are sign. Information Technology department generates a report each month for the physician to sign. South Carolina Heart Center has an excellent rate of doctors signing off on paperwork. Although, if the documents linger without being sign the physician would be summon to Operating committee then suspended of his or her licenses. The Operating committee consists of the President of SCHC, Three doctors, Chief Information Officer, Chief Finance Officer, and a LifePoint Rep. Medical Records department does not play a role in the physicians’ suspension policy.

Which job title is responsible for the delinquent chart count procedure?

No job title is assigned because South Carolina do not
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In Medical Records the Health Information Management Specialist (HIMS) will search labs for a patient’s lipid results and diabetes to enter data in the system. Another part of statistics gathered by the HIMS is after sending outgoing referrals to another physician outside of the facility, a PHI Log is made on the patient (Appendix H-Sleep study referral because SCHC no longer provides those). The PHI Log contains information about the referral: the date requested, who requested (usually the name of SCHC physician), name of the organization that it will be sent to, fax number and what part of the chart did the HIMS send.

What job title is responsible for generating statistical data? What job title from the health information department involved with this process?

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for generating statistical data and gathering meaningful use data on patients. The Health Information Management Specialist is involve with meaningful use data input.

Describe the statistical reports generated by the health information department.

Only meaningful use: Smoking, Lipid Entry, Diabetes, and PHI Log

What statistical reports are used by the health information department?

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