South Korea Geography

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South Korea is a very cultural and historical place which has 51 million inhabitants. Their country is in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and they own many thousands of islands, however not all are habitable. They have very extreme weathers and a very varying terrain. Above all, these the Koreans are very proud people that value education, culture and history very much.

Geography South Korea is a country in East Asia which covers the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. This country is bordered by one country to the north, North Korea and then surrounded by different seas where the Yellow Sea is to the west, the East China Sea to the south and the Sea of Japan to the east.

South Korea has different type of terrain
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During both winter and spring South Korea gets reached by the yellow dust which comes from the desert of Mongolia and China.

Summer is hot, humid and rainy. Rainfall can be heavy during this time as it is concentrated in summer. Due to high humidity in the summer, the days when there is no rainfall can be hot. Summer is, however, the least sunny season.

While many plants that can survive harsh, cold weather are found in the north and high mountain areas, maple trees as an example, the central part and the western lowlands have the domineering amount of vegetation, such as broad-leaved deciduous trees. Korea can be divided largely into three biozones by distribution of plants. The different biozones are warm-temperate forest, temperate forest and subalpine forest. Evergreen broad-leaved trees grow in the warm-temperate forest and so does Bamboos. Korea is dominated by temperate forest which takes 85% of its
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He was 21 years old when he ascended to the throne in 1418 and was very respected and famous for one of his huge achievements. In 1443, King Sejong created Hunminjeongeum, which is a document that describes an original and native script of the Korean language. He showed great Confucianism politics and started the national culture and because of all this, he still remains as one of the great kings throughout the history of Korea.

The official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea and that is because its government claims to be in charge of the whole of Korea and does not recognize North Korea as separate. The Republic Of Korea’s government is headed by a president, who is elected to a five-year term. After the term, the president is not able to get elected again. The highest member of the national assembly is the president, then the prime minister and lastly the ministers. The current government leader is Moon Jaein which was newly elected and has his residence in the Blue House in Seoul, the capital.

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