South Seattle College Reflection Essay

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South Seattle College (SSC) offers a tremendous number of activities and volunteer opportunities for students who would like to become more involved with the community. As a student who has decided to major in art, I strive for all of the experience and learning opportunities related to that. At SSC we have created the Art Gallery where students and faculty are able to present their art during arranged shows and open hours throughout the day. As a member I would help with setup before shows, along with leading discussion with audiences presenting students work. It is an honor to not only have the chance to view others art and help engage the community with these events, but I am also pleased to say that last spring quarter one of my digital art pieces were chosen to be presented as well. Having my art viewed by others in the art gallery was very exciting, and I will continue use my art as a way to communicate to my community.…show more content…
During my orientation when I first became a running start student at SSC was when I had first heard about this program along with joining it. The AANAPISI center supports all students success but has a strong focus on students of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage. Being apart of this program, each and everyone of us strives to help others in any way that we can whether it is academically, or to enlighten others of the asian american, native american, and pacific islander culture. The goal that the AANAPISI program has to guarantee students success makes me proud to be apart of, but as a student who is half Caucasian and half Filipino, I am also able to personally connect to this program as well. I am constantly surrounded by my Filipino culture that I was once out of reach for me, while giving me that sense of

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