Southeast Region Tribes

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Southeast Region Tribes

In the Southeast region there are five tribes that were considered civilized. The tribes were Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. There were other tribes however these were the main five of the region.

The Cherokee lived in what is now the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The Chickasaw lived in what is now the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. The Choctaw lived in what is now the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida . The Creek lived in what is now the states of Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida. The Seminole lived in what is now the states of Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

Most of the Native
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The Native Americans would trade clothing for beads, blankets, whiskey, and even horses. Deerskins were used as money during trading. One deerskin was worth a dollar. That is why we call a dollar a buck.


For transportation The Native Americans would use canoes. There was a lot of rivers and lakes in the southeast region that they used to get around quickly with the canoes. Canoes were made out of one big piece of a tree. They would manly use cedar trees to make canoes. To make a canoe they would have to cut down the tree. Then make the sides straight and the bottom flat. Next, they would burn the inside of the canoe, put water on it, and scrape all the ashes out. They would keep doing this until the canoe was deep enough to sit in.


In the southeast region the Native Americans were hunters and gatherers. The Native Americans would take baskets and go searching for berries, nuts and other fruits. Some of fruits they would gather they would set out to dry so they did not spoil. The soil was really good to grow crops. They also planted food like corn, beans, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Since they were gatherers and planted their own crops, southeast Native Americans did not have to move their
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The Native Americans would use every part of the animals they hunted. For instance furs were used for blankets and clothing, The meat was used to eat. The bones were used for tools and crafts. Parts of the animals called sinew was used like rope to tie things together. They traded with other Native American tribes with the stuff they made.

Weapons, Tools and Crafts

Some of the weapons the southeast Native Americans used were bow and arrows, spears, battle hammers, and blowguns with poison darts. To poison the darts they would use snake venom. They would also use poison from plants. These weapons were used for hunting and defending themselves.

Tools used by the Native Americans were rock hammers, deer antlers, sinew, animal tendons, and knives made out of flint rock. Tools were used to build houses and weapons. They also used tools to build other tools.

The Native Americans were good at making baskets and pottery. The pottery was made out of clay. Baskets were used for berry picking and

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