Middle Colonies Vs New England Colonies Essay

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The English settlements in New England, The Middle, and The Southern colonies of North America varied immensely. From the time the colonists arrived to North America and began colonizing up until the end of some colonies each colony was different in their own ways. Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies each had their own demographic issues, economic challenges, and religious variations that made them stand apart from one another. In New England the colonies consisted of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. They were filled with rocky soil, and many ocean ports. With this being said farming was not easy here and the colonists had to make money by fishing, whaling, and building ships. Other ways of making money included lumbering and fur trading. One specific colony was Plymouth, Massachusetts. like the rest of the New England colonies Plymouth was cold and the winters were harsh, and long. Plymouth was the first colony to be established even though it was not originally where the colonists intended on arriving; therefore, they were not welcome at first and had a hard time settling in. The land in Plymouth was conquered by stealing land from the Native Americans, who proved to be helpful to them in the end.
However, once the colonists of Plymouth began to settle in
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The North was a polar opposite of the South do to their rebellious search for new religious freedom whereas the south remained loyal to Brittan. Then Middle appeared to be a decent mixture of both for they wanted religious freedom, but to also make profits for themselves. However, no colonies of these regions were truly the same each had their specific goals which set them apart. Each colony in these regions had highs and lows when it came to demographics, the economy, social and religious matters that made them struggle then eventually prove to be
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