How Has South Food Changed During The 1930s And 1940s

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Southern Foods served during the 1930s and 1940s
In the south during the 1930s and 1940s, people mostly ate foods that was grew in gardens and also ate animals that was raised on farms. The people were limited on how many foods that they received. “Waffles arrived in the U.S. with the Pilgrims” (3). There was a lot of foods that people wanted, but they couldn’t afford the food and how expensive it all was. Coffee was a big seller also. There was some people that had the money to buy extra meats and sugars that wasn’t provided for them. Southern Foods during the 1930s and 1940s have changed over time, but people during this day ad time still enjoy food ethics from this time period.
“Riberiao Preto was a former “coffee capital” of Brazil
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Mary Grcich says “The restaurant has been going on for 16 years.”(Valadez, 2). Mary had a passion for Old Styles history and traditions. She loved cooking the old style foods that they served at the Old Style Inn. During one of Mary’s recent visits she realizes “The eatery menus or dishes that aren’t too common on restaurant menus now days” (Valadez, 2). There was big sellers during this time period which were: frog legs, roast duck, prime rib, perch, and shrimp deJonge. Mary’s entrée choices are: Roasted Long Island Duck ($20.00), Honey Glazed Breaded Fried Chicken ($15.00), and $12.00 for the Early Bird Special. Gricih wants her diners to feel at home when they are eating and to have a comfortable…show more content…
Here is some brief information of the waffles. Waffles originated from Greece. They were born in the middle ages. “The Pilgrims brought waffles with them when they came to the U.S.”(Stephey, 3). They say that Thomas Jefferson brought a waffle iron home from France in 1789. “When they came up with the electric waffle iron, it did away with the cumbersome stovetop griddle.” (Stephey, 3). “With this in 1970, they came up with “Leggo my Eggo” slogan.” (Stephey, 3). Dorsa brothers invented the instant waffle mix in the mid-1930s. Most waffles were just frozen and ready to be shipped.
School lunches was another big thing during this time period. Lunches ranged from different foods each day, but most foods were close to the same thing. For instance on Tuesday they served pea soup without milk, Italian spaghetti with onion and tomato sauce, white rolls and for desert, chocolate pudding served with milk. On Friday they served lima bean and barley soup, jam or fish sandwich on whole wheat bread, creamed carrots with peas or creamed cabbage

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