Southern Horrors Lynch Law

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Southern Horrors Lynch Law in All Its Phases Book Review
Da B. Wells-Barnett has written the book under review. The book has been divided into six chapters that cover the various themes that author intended to fulfill. The book is mainly about the Afro-Americans and how they were treated within the American society in the late 1800s. The first chapter of the book is “the offense” band this is the chapter that explains the issues that have been able to make the Afro-American community to be treated in a bad way by the whites in the United States in the late 1800s. The books begin with explaining the offense as it was in Memphis and this is in 1892. The problem that is being discussed in the chapter is the lynching of the black people, and
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The chapter covers various cases in which there were lies that were being told by the white women regarding them being raped by the Afro-Americans. The chapter covers the how the white women who had black children were treated in the society, and this is regarding being considered as outcasts, and they were divorced, disgraced, and in other cases, they were cashed from their homes. The third chapter of the book is “the new cry.” This chapter covers the plea of sympathy that was done by the southerners towards the northerners and this is because the whites who had sympathy for the lunching were deemed to have no sympathy for the white women who were victims of rape from the Afro-Americans. The cry has also been associated with various effects, and this is because the lynch law was being implemented at any time wherever the concerns was linked to the Afro-Americans.
The fourth chapter of the book is “the malicious and untruthful white press.” This is a chapter of the book that covers how the white press was spreading lies about the Afro-Americans at the time. The white press based on the book spread false cases of raping of the white women in Memphis even though there were no such cases and the white women were not showing hatred towards the
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The first aspect is the application of detailed explanations. The lynching of the Afro-Americans has been well explained in the book and this has been able to create a mental picture of the situation. The second issue that has made the book to be great is that the author has been able to cover the themes involved in an effective and this is through the application of supporting claims. Like the issue of the offense, the author has elaborated the offense of rape that led to the lynching of the
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