Southern Race Relations In The 1900's

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My paper is about southern race relations in the mid 1900s. People in the 1900s treated African-Americans with much less respect then they did to white people. Like in the book, which takes place in the mid 1900s, it shows how people did treat blacks; they had them in different areas of town, they had to go to different churches and school, and they also just disrespected blacks. Like in the book with Atticus, there was people who didn’t like the way people were treating blacks, and tried to change it (Martin Luther King Jr.). In 1619, People brought African-American people to the Americas, sold them as slaves, and so began race problems. This continued through 1865, after the Civil War, where slavery was finally made illegal. People now had to pay their maids and workers. Even though slavery was now illegal that didn’t stop people from treated blacks like trash. In the book people were disgraced even when people, like Atticus, would tried to help an innocent man who was being tried for…show more content…
Enacted after the reconstruction period, these laws continued in force until 1965. Jim Crow laws mandated the segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks. The U.S. military was also segregated, as were federal workplaces, initiated in 1913 under President Woodrow Wilson. By requiring candidates to submit photos, his administration practiced racial discrimination in hiring. The phrase "Jim Crow Law" can be found as early as 1892 in the title of a New York Times article about voting laws in the South. The origin of the phrase "Jim Crow" has often been attributed to "Jump Jim Crow", a song-and-dance caricature of blacks performed by white actor Thomas D. Rice in blackface, which first surfaced in 1832 and was used to satirize Andrew Jackson 's populist
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