South's Slave System Morally Evil?

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“Did Thompson provide persuasive evidence that South’s slave system was morally evil?” I believe that Thompson did provide evidence that the South’s slave system was morally evil. Thompson gives many examples of merciless beatings of slaves to show how inhumane the system treated them. My first example of a beating is this: “At this refusal, they commenced pelting him with stones, chips, or whatever else they could find to throw at him, until they finally forced him down. He sprang from the scaffold, axe in hand, and commenced trying to cut his way through them; but, being defeated, he was knocked down, put in irons, taken to the drove yard, and beaten severely, but not until he had badly wounded two of his captors,”. This is a good example because it captures the fact that slaves were…show more content…
It’s the kind of violence you only read or see in fiction, and to here described as truth makes me sick to my stomach. Thompson knew that being this descriptive would help him make his point and provide persuasive evidence that the Southern slave system was morally wrong. Thompson makes it impossible to even begin to defend the slave owners and supporters of this system. My final example is when Thompson’s sister was sold to a new, crueler master, and upon seeing her mother for the first time since she was sold, wept. “As soon as my sister saw our mother, she ran to her and fell upon her neck, but was unable to speak a word. There was a scene which angels witnessed; there were tears which, I believe, were bottled and placed in God’s depository, there to be reserved until the day when He shall pour His wrath upon this guilty nation,”. Not only is this example extremely sad, but also shows Thompson saying he believes God will pour his wrath upon this “guilty nation,”. Thompson provided many examples that proved he believed that the South’s slave system was morally
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