Southwest Airlines: Advance Strategy And Competition

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Case study on Southwest Airlines
Suman Malla
International American University
BUS 700 Capstone: Advance Strategy and Competition
Teacher: Prasanna Pokharel
Date: May 17, 2016

Introduction: In June 1971, Southwest Airlines starts its business with the three planes which have daily flights between Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. It established its business with the simple strategy of “Get your passengers to their place as they wanted in any time with possible lowest fares and they have a good time with travelling with this company. The strategy of Southwest Airlines was to fly over short distances where cost was the ambition to succeed. And another strategy was to decrease the total time of travel for customer which includes
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Southwest Airlines is known as the nation’s low fare airlines and high customer satisfaction airlines. Southwest airlines have the fewest complaints among the all other airlines. By using the single type of aircraft, Southwest airlines capitalizes on low cost advantage which allows for simplified scheduling, operation and maintenance. Southwest Airlines is investing significant money for facilities, equipment’s and technology to proficiently handle clients like tickets, things' labels and the desktop application named as DING is introduced to alerts the customers about their exclusive deals. It becomes the first airlines which starts the websites and becomes the number one airline website for sales and revenue. Southwest Airlines is devoted as the most elevated quality client administration fulfillment in the feeling of benevolence, warmth, singular pride and organization goodwill or sprit. So this carrier’s organization is known as the most elevated client administration fulfillment, most astounding on time execution rating and the least grievances from client for a long…show more content…
This company seeks to keep up its focused administration position and it actualized some forceful measures to enhance the efficiency for the organization like no more paying commission on flights booked by the conventional travel operators, merging its reservation operations focuses and persuading the representatives to keep on looking for the creative approaches to maintain the business better and easily. The test for the Southwest aircrafts is to stay with the way of life of the alive. As it keeps on growing and strengthens its part as driving prime time industry
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