Southwest Airlines Case Study Essay

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Case Analysis #1 – “Southwest Airlines: Is It Still the King of Cheap Flights” 1. Answer the questions at the end of the case. 1. Airline customers can be segmented in a variety of ways. Two of these include by purpose of travel and their destinations. Within the first segmentation, purpose of travel, I think it is possible for Southwest to attract all types of travelers whether it be business, pleasure, or group. I think group is a segment that they could really grab because if one is traveling with a big group they would want it to be as cheap as possible. As far as people traveling for pleasure I think that could be a little harder for Southwest to grab. Some people may want their pleasure travel to be luxurious and since Southwest has very little amenities that would be hard to do. As far as destinations, the chapter really hit home that Southwest was able to make a niche for themselves in the short flight …show more content…

Its promotion includes, but is not limited to, advertisements on television, online, and promoting other flights while you are currently onboard. On pricing it takes the low cost approach and tries to have lower fares than its competitors. Southwest is certainly expanding. I took it to Costa Rica a couple of years ago. As the company continues to grow it will be found in more and more places. 3. Why or why not are the case companies successful? Southwest has been successful because it found a niche and a strategy for a long time no one could compete with. It had done and continues to do cheap short haul flights with little frills very successfully. When it started none of its competitors could compete with its pricing. Also, it had found a market that its competitors were not really serving in the short haul market. Today, Southwest does have more competition, but I believe it has the ability to stay on the top. 4. What did you learn and how do you plan to apply these learnings in the

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