Southwest Airlines Mission Statement

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Introduction and Company Background Since being founded 43 years ago Southwest Airlines has prided itself on being different from other airlines and providing the best possible customer service. Southwest airlines employees 46,000 people and serves more than 100 million customers each year. Southwest is also the largest domestic carrier serving 93 destinations in 40 states as well as five international destinations. The company could not have become as big as it has without differentiating themselves from their competitors. Southwest uses a triple bottom line approach that takes into account “carrier 's performance and productivity, the importance of its people and the communities it serves, and its commitment to efficiency and the planet” (Southwest 2014). This approach has allowed them to be profitable for 41 consecutive years. Beginning in 1971 with its first flights Southwest started a new period of affordability in air travel that has even been described by the U.S. Department of Transportation as “The Southwest Effect” (Southwest 2014). Southwest makes the lowering of fares and passenger fees a very high importance. They allow passengers to check their bags for free and even change flights without a fee, a small difference in might apply. They also offer clean and comfortable airplanes with soft drinks and snacks, as well as video on demand TV. It takes more than just a good product for a company to remain profitable and continue to grow. Southwest puts their

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