Souvenir Short Story

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“A Souvenir” is an item of sentimental value, to remember an event, location, person etc.; in love, souvenir is a beautiful thing, a materialistic non-living entity that is imparted life by the magicians involved, with their magic called love. But all the relationships are not meant to go the distance, some fall apart as life and practicality negate love. But what happens to the souvenir’s that once being puerile in love we gifted to the one we loved, that once had the worth more than a folly? Sometimes the melee’s go so long and irritating that relationship’s dwindle and inexorably breaks and in the turn we break the souvenir’s that once we imparted life, after all we are humans and we change.

“Why do they always have to fight?” Anushka asked.
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Isn’t love enough?”

“Oh! Yes, it is!” Ansh exclaimed.

“I promise I will never ever leave you.” Anushka said emotionally.

“I don’t have a doubt, but you never know we may get separated, because of people or a calamity or an irrevocable situation.” Anurag said it, knowing that the end was near.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen, we are glued to be forever”, Anushka said smiling.

Ansh smiled looking at her, she was so happy in her world that she had forgotten everything else, she had forgotten the reality but he knew everything was going to end, so he thought it was better she goes happy till the end and never know the pain, because he knew death for both of them would be together and no matter what, it was imminent. Sometimes in life for the sake of somebody you love, some things are better to be hidden.

The sun was shining, as Anushka and Ansh were in the pool, as the rays pierced through the glass, the water dazzled like millions of diamonds were scattered. It was yet another beautiful day. It was calm and serene just a perfect ambience before a big storm. A storm that was going to change everything, that was going to jolt everything, that was going to end everything. They remained silent and enjoyed the
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