Soviet Union Vs Russia Dbq

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When people are asked the question, What was the Soviet Union or Russia, what is their answer. Each person has their own thoughts or feelings about the Soviet Union or Russia. Some people say that the Soviet Union and Russia are the same. They’re not!!!!! The Soviet Union and Russia are two very different things. (Background Essay) Before Vladimir Lenin came into power to rule Russia, Russia was ruled by Czar’s. A Czar was an emperor that the ruled Russia before 1917. The last Czar to rule Russia was Nicholas II. He was overthrown by Bolsheviks in the year of 1917. A Bolshevik was a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party. He was then replaced by Vladimir Lenin who then took power and ruled the country. So, What…show more content…
Some will say that Russia didn’t have a lot of people that could read or write. (Doc B) This is true but they had a big improvement as they years progressed. The Literacy rate in 1915 was 25%. This was very low compare to the U.S. In the U.S, the Literacy rate was 93%. The U.S was better off in the sense that the amount of people that knew how to read or write was very high. However, in 1980, the Soviet Union saw a big change. In this year the literacy rate went up to 99%. This was a very very good for Russia. The U.S also went to 99% but they had more people that knew how to read or write in the year 1915 than compared to the Soviet Union. (Doc F) Another major event between the U.S and the Soviet Union, was the Space Race. The U.S and the Soviet Union were in a race to get their satellite up into space first. The Soviet Union was better prepared than the U.S because they invested a lot of money to the education of the children and adults. This would help because, as the kids grew up to be adults, the would be able to help build this satellite. The Soviet Union beat the U.S. On Oct. 4, 1957, the Soviets were able to put the world’s first artificial satellite up into space. The name of the Satellite was Sputnik. The were able to put a dog into space, have a man orbit the earth, and have a woman travel into space way before us. Although they beat us doing this, we beat them in putting the very first man on the
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